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At the Sheffield Veterinary Clinic we aim to offer quality veterinary care with friendly service.

We strive to ensure that clients leave the clinic feeling satisfied with the care, communication and compassion they have received.

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The Sheffield Veterinary Clinic has been operating since 1973 and has been owned by Dr. Michael Reilly since 2005. The Sheffield area has undergone substantial change over the past 20 years and so has the clinic. A predominantly rural clinic initially, the Sheffield Veterinary Clinic has evolved into a well equipped medical and surgical facility for small animals whilst still servicing the local farming industry.





We believe that putting your pet at ease, taking a thorough history, examining your pet, discussing the findings and organising the treatment required takes longer than 10 minutes. For this reason examinations are typically 30 minutes in length. Of course there is a range of pricing available if the exam is shorter than expected.



We like to think that our surgery is one of the best equipped in Tasmania.

We boast a modern, fully serviced anaesthetic machine, a heated table with heated gas tubing to help keep your pet warm, a full parameter monitor, electro-surgical equipment and an extensive range of instrumentation for all types of surgery.

More importantly, we have staff that are trained and confident in its use.

Emergency Care


We provide a 24/7 emergency service for your animals. If you ring the clinic after hours, a recorded message will give you the number of the on-call veterinarian.

Of course... additional fees will apply.

(Really! As I was writing this at 11pm on Boxing Day, the phone rang and I was called to the clinic.)

Dental Care


Dental disease is one of the modern diseases of dogs fed a processed diet. The best course of action is prevention with a natural diet but when this is not possible we can offer advice about other preventative methods. And if the teeth and gums get beyond the help of these, we offer dental prophies and corrective surgery.



We see too many lost dogs to take microchipping of your pet lightly. Dogs need to be microchipped from 6 months of age* and we feel that during desexing is an ideal time for this small procedure. To this end, we offer a discount on the microchip price if you have it done at the same time as your pet is desexed.

We also firmly believe that hunting and working dogs should be microchipped. These dogs are simply too valuable to lose!

*Micro-chipping of dogs became mandatory in Tasmania in 2011. 



If you own an animal it should be vaccinated. It is simply that important!

We provide a variety of vaccination options for dogs and cats and will discuss the best alternative for your pet.

We also carry tetanus and strangles vaccines for horses and can provide you with advice and vaccinations for cattle, sheep, goats and alpacas (and anything we have forgotten to mention) also. 


We realise that we can't compete with some of the professional groomers out there... So we get one up here :)

Margie does a wonderful job and has tamed some animals with patience and kind words that the owners were sure would need sedating.

Simply ring the clinic for the next available time.



Dr. Michael Reilly B.Sc.(Hons.) B.V.Sc.(Hons.)


Michael has owned and operated the Sheffield Veterinary clinic since 2005. After completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in zoology at the University of Melbourne, Michael attended the University of Queensland to study veterinary science. He has an interest in surgery especially orthopaedic surgery.

As many people in the Kentish municipality already know, Michael enjoys music and has taken part in many of the local Lion's Club Music Hall shows.

Dr. Elyse Acacia B.V.Sc.


Elyse has worked at the Sheffield Veterinary Clinic since 2011 and has proved a wonderful asset to the team. She currently works 1.5 days a week.

Dr. Phoebe Cahill B.Sc.(Vet Biol),B.V.M.S.


Phoebe started working at our clinic in 2019. She is a fantastic addition to the team and has impressed us all with her love of the job and the top-quality of her work.

Phoebe is exceptionally sporty, playing football and 

Patricia Haberle

Veterinary Nurse

Patricia has worked as a veterinary nurse since 1999. She initially worked at Spreyton Veterinary Services and joined the team at Sheffield in 2011.

Alyce Callander

Veterinary Nurse

Alyce has worked as a nurse at the Sheffield Veterinary Clinic since 2013. She loves working with cattle and enjoys riding horses.

Andrea O'Grady

Veterinary Nurse

Andrea started Vet Nursing in 1985. She obtained her Certificate of Animal Care (Veterinary Nursing) in 1988. Prior to starting her (rather large) family of 5 children she worked in 100% Small Animal Clinics. In 2002 Andrea started part time at her local Mixed Practice in South Australia. She moved to Tasmania in 2007 and started at Sheffield Veterinary Clinic in 2009.

She breeds Dexter cattle, has multiple horses of various ages and breeds as well as sheep, chooks, guinea pigs, dogs & cats.

Tamieka Webb

Veterinary Nurse

Tamieka has been veterinary nursing for 11 years and holds a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She has been working as a casual nurse at the Sheffield Veterinary Clinic since 2011. Tamieka is an avid video game player and enthusiastically regales the staff with stories of her latest exploits.

Debbie Warren

Office Manager

Deb has worked in the medical field for 16 years, both human and veterinary. She lived in the area for 40 years after immigrating from what was then Northern Rhodesia and has worked at the Sheffield Veterinary Clinic since 2010. Deb enjoys outdoor exercise and has completed 10 half-marathons and numerous fun runs. Her goal is to complete a full marathon. Deb is married with 3 grown up children and six grandchildren.

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